Styling Bar

All styles take 15 minutes and cost $30.00

All styles in the express hair up menu must be completed on clean and dry hair.

Anyone coming in with damp or unclean hair may be subject to an extra time or wash and blow wave charge.

SO YOU reserves the right to adjust any appointments if deemed necessary on arrival. 


The Fishtail.jpg

The Fishtail 

Make your ponytail sassy with a fun fishtail braid. Keep it tight and neat or have it pulled out and messy. Its such a versatile look which is perfect for long hair ladies // 30.00

The Half Up, Half Down Twisted Knot.jpg

The Half Up, Half Down Twisted Knot

If you are wanting your hair off your face but still like some down, then this is for you. Perfect for most hair lengths, this intricate combination of twisting and braiding makes for a really pretty hair up // 30.00

The Low Pony.jpg

The Low Pony

Simple effortless hair is what you get with this gorgeous low pony. A braid from underneath is wrapped over the hair to create a simple elegant look // 30.00

The Knotted Bun.jpg

The Knotted Bun  

Chic and classic, this twisted knot is worn at the nape of the neck. Perfect for shoulder length hair and longer, this is a must have hair up for beating the weather while still looking super sophisticated // 30.00

The Dutch Braid.jpg

The Dutch Braid

This fun Dutch braid creates shape and movement across the head for a fun yet simple hair up. There is the option to twist the bottom of this braid up into a fun low bun for those with longer hair wanting it off the neck // 30.00