Our commitment to sustainability

we are always trying to find new ways to become even more sustainable, so keep a close eye on the salon’s development. if you have any great ideas that you think we could implement, please let us know. 

Together we can make a difference. 

  • We recycle everything we use. Our aluminium waste is collected and taken for melting down and reusing at Wellington Metal Recyclers. Our cardboard and plastic and glass is sent for recycling at specialised recycling refuse company. 

  • We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products like eco store and earthwise and re-use our containers by topping them up from common sense organics in Wellington. 

  • We do a lot of washing, but we only turn the washing machine on when we have a full load ensuring we keep our water usage to a minimum. Our detergent is always eco friendly and sustainably packaged. 

  • We have a water filter at the salon and encourage each team member to bring in a glass bottle to use throughout the day. Our clients also never need to bring in a plastic bottle, and we encourage them to refill their reusable bottles from the salons filtered tap.

  • Our lights are LED and turned off each night to conserve power. 

  • We only use cotton hand towels in our client bathrooms so we do not have any need for paper towels. 

  • We use ethically sourced and sustainably farmed coffee from People's 

  • We use loose leaf tea which is then used for composting once used. 

  • We up-cycle our empty conditioning treatment pots for planting succulents or making candles.

  • We turn off our taps in the basin room when not using to keep water usage to a minimum. 

  • We only align ourselves with brands who have a strong focus on sustainability and environmental awareness like Davines and Oway. 

  • We encourage a team culture that brings lunch to work using tupperware, get coffee in keep cups and car share when coming to work to reduce our own personal carbon footprints. 

  • We use biodegradable re-usuable forks to mix our colour, and our colour gloves are always washed after use and reused. 
    In fact last year we only purchased 1 box of 50 gloves which has lasted us well into this year with over half the box left. 

  • We use Meridian for electrical supply which uses 100% renewable energy.