Hot off the press…


February 2019

Introducing Oway - Organic Way. We are so excited to be Wellingtons first salon offering the stunning new haircare range from Oway. Your hair is about to start a new relationship...


April 2019

Tired, stressed, overworked - you need to take some time out and have a circle moment. These express treatments are the exact prescription you need for you and your hair. From hydration, purifying, repair, volume, shine and just relaxation, we have a circle moment for you.

June News

June 2019

Exciting times are coming with the impending launch of Vixen & Luxe Premium hair extension services. Freshen up your look, add a splash of colour or get the thick locks you’ve always dreamed off.


Autumn 2019

Christmas is a coming and appointments are disappearing fast. Anna is offering a fantastic balayage promotion to show of her amazing skills which includes a FREE olaplex treatment AND haircut. Explore the new Spring colour menu by Davines and get a free shine treatment if you have one.


March 2019

This high end sustainable brand has been on our salons radar for over a year and we are so excited to finally be able to introduce you to not only the incredible story behind Oway but the stunning results you, the client will experience

view - shoes.jpg

May 2019

Launching Davines VIEW, the incredible new high shine & versatile semi permanent colour range.

This incredible acidic colour allows you to change your hair as often as you can change your point of VIEW.

July News

July 2019

Read Abbie’s firsthand review of her Vixen & Luxe Hair extensions and find our why So You Hair are bringing back the milkman in a bid to further reduce our carbon footprint.


September 2019

It’s our favourite time of the year when our product partners release their Christmas gift pack offerings. Take a sneak peak for the first Christmas ever and see what we can get before we even order them. Secure your gift packs early and take some of the stress away.