The Blow Out Club

Join our Blow Out Club and never have a bad hair day again! 

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- bullet-cross.gif Monthly fee is payable by the first of each month and blow waves are available for the duration of that month. 

- bullet-cross.gif No part payments are available.

- bullet-cross.gif An automatic payment is preferred. 

- bullet-cross.gif The purchase is non refundable. 

- bullet-cross.gif Offer is valid for individual use only, not group use. 

- bullet-cross.gif Blow Out Club blow waves are an exclusive service only and cannot be used in conjunction with other services or promotions. 

There are no day or time constrictions on this, you simply tell us when you would like to come in and we see which advanced stylist is available to take care of you. 

We will always try and get you booked in at your first preferred time slot, however our Saturdays and Thursday evenings are usually booked out in advance for other services. 

The blow wave time slot is 45 minutes so always ensure you have enough time. 

If you love The Blow Out club and it really works with your life, then an automatic payment may be set up to ensure you are always paid and ready to go by the first of each month. 

Ring us on 473 6919 or email