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13th Feb, 2017

February 2017 News

2017 has started off with a bang! Keep up to date with the latest goss thus far! - Screen_Shot_2017-03-11_at_2.09_.30_PM_.png
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9th Jan, 2017

Welcome to 2017!

We are back for 2017! Check out what's new this year! - Screen_Shot_2017-03-11_at_2.09_.11_PM_.png
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28th Nov, 2016

Christmas 2016 Newsletter

Find out our updates going into Christmas 2016 here! - Screen_Shot_2017-03-11_at_2.08_.41_PM_.png
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1st Oct, 2016

October Newsletter

Click here to read our October newsletter - Screen_Shot_2017-03-11_at_2.07_.50_PM_.png
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23rd Sep, 2016

September Newsletter

Our September 2016 newsletter can be read here - Screen_Shot_2016-10-09_at_3.13_.07_PM_.png
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22nd Aug, 2016

August Newsletter

Read the August 2016 edition of our newsletter  - Screen_Shot_2016-10-09_at_3.11_.02_PM_.png
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26th Jun, 2016

June Newsletter

Check out our June newsletter here. - Screen_Shot_2016-06-26_at_6.22_.54_PM_.png
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20th Jun, 2016

Consultations. What to expect

Some clients, especially those that are still at that early stage of bonding with their stylist, feel like the consultation time is a gauntlet. A wind…
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15th Jun, 2016

Who else is jumping on the LOB train?

There’s no question that the lob has really come into the forefront of modern hairstyles and is definitely becoming the modern classic of the mo
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26th May, 2016

May Newsletter

Read our latest news for May here - Screen_Shot_2016-06-26_at_6.10_.00_PM_.png
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